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照片來源:April 24, 2013. REUTERS/Andrew Biraj

Story Wear Maker Team: Supporting UK base NPO: Fashion Revolution Campaign: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/ 

平等、自由、博愛 那你呢?

零廢時尚 Story Wear 透過永續馬戲團「給未來者」的零廢告白

The sustainable fashion brand - Story Wear express the zero waste ideal with “Unto This Last” by the sustainable circus fashion show.




The rise of fast fashion will also bring out many issues of labor rights and human rights. While those fast fashion brands strictly control their production cost, the rights of the workers in developing countries will be sacrificed, and the problem of labor safety and labor rights in those areas have been seriously ignored.

In 2013, Bangladesh, the second largest country in the global garment industry after China, had a garment factory collapse, killing more than 1,100 workers and injuring 2,600 more, which is the clothing industry’s worst ever industrial accident. The serious topics behind this are worthy for us to reflect on.

Story Wear is a Zero Waste Fashion Brand. Produces affordable, stylish and durable clothing and accessories that are handmade from 100% recycled materials by socially disadvantaged women.
Our mission is to effectively upcycle, and ultimately reduce, fashion waste in Taiwan. We are concerned by the rapidly increasing amount of textile waste brought about by a combination of economic and social factors, including the rise of fast fashion, unethical and low-quality manufacturing, irresponsible marketing and profligate consumption. 

2022 臺北時裝週 時裝秀 ATOMS & COAST  #永續的路上沒有人是局外人

我們都需要找更好的理由,堅持永續的精神,持續推動著 Story Wear 的品牌。 雖然一路上被人唱衰,都得停下自卑感覺,往前走。 揮別人類對環境的破壞,下一個世代需要與環境共生共好。 We all need to find a better reason to keep up on sustainability, and continue to promote the spirit of Story Wear. Although it has been doubted by others along the way, we all need to stop feeling inferior and move on. We need to eliminate the damage we caused to the environment; And the next generation should live in symbiosis between human beings and the natural environment.

Story WearX Vogue FNO X 黃子佼

Deca Joins 頹廢的結合點,是念舊、是反骨、是自我意識、頹廢後的醒來,快樂是瞬間,而快樂又是什麼? 臺北時裝週 x FNO 閉幕秀 2022年時尚大秀,由 #黃子佼 擔任走秀嘉賓,伴隨 Deca joins 輕幻的 #漫漫長夜 歌曲,看著聽著彷彿墜入一片經典叛逆的丹寧海。